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About Me

I have been programming since school

I love programming, I love when a code works clearly and without issues. It gives me a great pleasure to code and see the results of my work. Sometimes it is like a fanatical desire to complete a algorithm ASAP. Often it makes me to work 10-12 hours per day. This is a bad practice for many reasons, so I try do not work in that way.

In fact, I never planed to be a programmer. It was like a hobby or another skill of mine, or a tool I could use to achieve my goal.

In 2010, we with my friends decided to start our own business, an online store. We had few years of experience with public activity in the Student Fraternity of Lviv Polytechnic. So we had believe we could organize anything we what.

But we didn’t know anything about how to make a business. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about this ignorance either…

However, we got fail. I didn’t have any extra income, so I started to freelance.
That’s how I came to the web-development

Way of the web-developer as a way of the Samurai

Over the years, I managed to become a freelancer, had my own website development company, started startups, implemented projects, gained 4 years of commercial experience as a back-end developer and grew to the position of Senior Developer.

At some point I realized that I was bored to coding and I miss for a project launching.

In the late spring of 2021, I resigned from the position of senior developer. I had a plan to organize my own business or get a manager position in a company.

In Jan 2022, I joined a startup in eCommerce. But 2 months later I lost my job because the war in my country. Although someone lost their home or even their life. So I’m lucky, as for my.

I tried to find a new job, but it’s not easy when there are 30-40 or sometimes 70 applications for a vacancy.

What is next?

Now I am a volunteer in the donate.in.ua fund. We raise funds for humanitarian aid for volunteers at the front and for the army. If you could help, please do so.

I also decided to create libraries and plugins based on my copyrighted work. I’m going to public a part of it for free and I’ll sale the another part on the web-sites like CodeCanyon.

Wish me good luck.

✌️ Peace and prosper to you all.

The main technologies I use for the projects



JavaScript, Ajax

AlpineJS, VueJS, JQuery



Composer, NPM