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This package contains the basic tools for a Laravel blog.
The package includes: migrations, abstract classes for posts and categories models, interfaces for the Orchid admin panel


It's powerfull lib to work with DB, based on PDO. It doesn't have dependency to a framework. So, you can use it for any PHP project - actually, that's why the lib was created.

Laravel debug helpers

The lib extends the Laravel debug tools

Debug helpers

The lib contains the tools for debug. It doesn't have any external dependencies to other libs or frameworks, so it could be used in any project.

Wordpress post wrapper

The lib help to wrap WP instances and to cache already collected data. Also, you can implement your own method for a post instance


The standard `PHPUnit` library and` Reflaction` methods do not allow to mock up a static method or property.
This library allows to set all the necessary data in the static part of a class.